Mideast Tunes

Mideast Tunes is a music platform that showcases music from the Middle East.

Yahoo! Mail

We worked with Yahoo on designing and conceptualizing the iPad version of Yahoo! Mail.


Storify is the fastest way to create a story using content from all around the web. Quickly find your favorite goodies from around the web and publish it with ease!


DeliRadio is an awesome new platform for you to discover and create stations of artists touring in your area.


Ahwaa is a safe place for the LGBTQ community of Middle East to provide help to one another with useful advice.


CrowdVoice is a user-powered service that tracks voices of protest from around the world. Raise your voice for causes you support with information you submit.


TrendStocker is a platform to analyze the latest stock trends. We worked with a stock data provider to crunch the numbers everyday and give our users the most meaningful stock


Spigit is an idea innovation platform designed to get everyone in your community to contribute ideas with a slight twist.


Breezi is website editor especially designed for creatives. It provides pixel level control and edits everything in-place.

OpenTok for TokBox

We developed a video chat toolbar based on TokBox's platform that can be embedded into any sites and customized match the look & feel of your site!


SavvyFranchises.com allows prospective franchisees to narrow in on the information that matters most while discovering new franchising opportunities.

Tweety Jobs

TweetyJobs is the world’s first truly employment-centric social network, connecting jobseekers with employers and recruiters quickly by leveraging the real-time power of Twitter.


Ugmoknows.com, the web-based interface for managing wireless sensors, features advanced reporting, alerting, and charting tools to help the client better understand soil conditions.

Pan American Games

Working with the organizing committee, Freshout led the planning and implementation of the entire front-end and back-end design of the system, making everything entirely content-managed.

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