UgMO™ is a unique wireless soil monitoring system helping customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing water usage at parks, sports fields, and landscapes. Freshout designed and developed the system's web interface allowing UgMO™ customers to view valuable sensor data in real-time, set alerts, generate reports on the fly, and much more.
Launch Project

The Story

AST was gearing up for the official launch of UgMO™, its wireless underground monitoring system, at the renowned annual Golf Industry Show in New Orleans. Hitting the deadline was paramount to setting the stage for the product’s commercial success. Freshout was brought on to collaborate with AST’s hardware team in developing the most intuitive and simple web interface possible to offer customers an engaging and powerful experience while monitoring water usage of their irrigation systems at golf courses, sporting fields, parks, and commercial and residential landscapes.

The initial version of UgMO blew the audience away

We dove into extensive industry and consumer research to gain an insider’s perspective of what users wanted and how the web interface could bolster UgMO™’s innovative hardware technology. While designing the web component, we were careful in creating an architecture that would seamlessly accommodate key features and functionality we knew would be needed later on.


Completed before the deadline of the big trade show, the resulting initial version of UgMO™ blew the audience away. The system included a streamlined account set-up process, a highly customized Google Maps application for viewing sensor locations, advanced yet easy-to-use graphing and reporting tools, target-setting features for sensors, and an alert system to notify users at specified times about sensor activity.

AST has since garnered media coverage in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and CNBC, and has rapidly grown its customer base. We can’t wait to release the newest version of UgMO™ with AST this fall, and we have several other exciting projects in the works… stay tuned!

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