Below are the two pricing structures that we offer. They are meant to give you a general idea. We can accommodate a hybrid of both as well upon request. Most of the services described in our services section are for retainer based pricing engagements. The retainer based agreement allows us to take a more collaborative approach with you based on your needs, whereas fixed scope projects are much more defined from the very beginning of the engagement.

Fixed Scope

  • Your company has a web department of at least 2 or 3 people who are exclusively dedicated to web (not print)
  • You have a specifications document fully complete and finalized
  • You might have some wireframes and preliminary mockups done already
  • You've been involved in similar sized web projects before
  • You are able to commit the time necessary and give the project the priority it needs to be completed properly

Retainer Based

  • You highly value the collaboration with our firm
  • You need help with product planning
  • You'd prefer to evaluate at least 2 or 3 different versions of anything before making up your mind
  • You'd like assistance with difficult technical decisions
  • You'd like our help in defining the scope and specifications of your project
  • You need on-going maintenance and support

I’d like a

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    Want to test our wits? Not sure where to start? Could use some advice? Let us give you a taste of Freshout.

  • Proposal/Quote

    Upload whatever you have (RFP, raw specs, doodle, etc.) and we’ll review it asap.

  • Capabilities Demo

    Let us give you a full presentation of our capabilities and past work. You can also download the PowerPoint version here.

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