Marketing/Ad Agencies

We’re your secret weapon!

You’ve crafted a brilliant campaign to pitch your client, and you’ve got all your bases covered. Strategy and market research…check. Copy writing…check. Artwork samples…check. Media plan…piece of cake. In the final team meeting before the presentation, the new guy pipes up, “How are we approaching the web component?” Suddenly the Account Executive remembers Freshout, and gets on the phone…

We discuss the campaign together and brainstorm several ideas for how the concepts can be best executed on the web. Two days later you receive a detailed proposal from Freshout with different implementation ideas, time frames for completion, cost estimates, and an informative screencast going through examples of similar, related concepts.

Your client gives you the green-light, and it’s go-time. Next, we finalize the scope of work and sign off on an agreement. During the project we collaborate closely with your team, and provide feedback and support when needed to make sure the web aspect of the campaign is congruous with the other efforts. We consult on the roll-out plan, and are there to make sure everything goes smoothly during and after launch.

Here are a few special offers we have available to our agency partners:

1. Free Project Consultations and Scope Estimates

Often times there will be a great idea for a new project, but for one reason or another you’re unsure of the scope of work required, and the associated delivery timeframe and cost. We love brainstorming new, innovative project ideas, and we’ll give you valuable feedback on technical requirements and restraints, feature sets, administrative capabilities, available open source technologies, 3rd party data or software integration needs, and any other specifics you need input on. This cuts down a lot of time on research and planning on your side, and you gain the benefit of receiving insights from outside of your core team, which can often yield new possibilities and ideas. And don’t worry, we’re happy to sign NDAs to ensure any information you share with us is handled with strict confidentiality.

2. Flexible Payment Terms

Collecting payments from clients can take time, and the only thing worse that not receiving payments is when you have vendors harassing you for their cut before you’ve collected from the client. We understand this situation all too well, and we’re very flexible on payment terms with our agency partners. We can space out the project payments, and extend up to 50% of the project budget into payments made up to three months after project completion, based on your needs. This let’s you focus on producing great work and building client relationships, without getting bogged down with nagging vendors continually asking about their payments.

3. With Each Completed Project, Earn 5% Discount Credit

We really value close collaborative relationships with our agency partners, so with every project we complete with you we’ll offer a 5% discount credit towards future projects we work together on. For example, if we sign on for a $50k project with you, you’ll receive a $2500 discount on the next project quote. In addition to creating greater efficiency in the project development cycles by forming a close working relationship with Freshout, this allows you to also retain more of your clients’ budgets by receiving discounts on your production costs with us. Over time, this can amount to a substantial amount of added revenue.

Product Design Firms

You’re finishing up the prototype of your client’s latest product assignment, and you realize it would really thrive with an engaging web application. You remember reading about Freshout’s exciting ideas for leveraging the web to broaden the reach for tangible products, and you decide to give us a ring…

We get together for a meeting to check out the prototype and bounce ideas back and forth on the type of web app that will make the most sense. Together, we develop a proposal for the application and how it will support and extend the product – your client loves it.

During the build-out of the application, we work directly with your engineers and designers, sharing project management responsibilities, to ensure the app provides a seamless and valuable extension of the product. We also collaborate with you and your client to flesh out a full roll-out plan that will generate buzz for the product and drive customers to the website. The launch is a huge success, and we continue to tweak and improve the web application as the product evolves.

IT Consultants

You’re consulting with the leadership of a growing company that’s suffering from numerous IT issues, and it’s in need of fresh ideas. Through your due diligence, you uncover one problem after another. You know that creating an intuitive and streamlined web system for the client will work wonders on reaching resolutions to its dilemmas.

You draw up an initial spec for what the system should accomplish, and set up a meeting with us to review the scope of work needed. We work with you on hammering out the kinks of the system architecture, as well as provide feedback on ways to make it even better. After presenting your plans to the company’s leaders, they sign off and tell you get started asap.

Our project manager works with you and the rest of our team to iteratively design the system using rapid prototyping, and we review progress with the client at key points to ensure we’re on track. When the system is complete, we train the client’s IT staff on how to manage the new system and leverage it for all its worth. We’re available after the initial implementation for support, additional training, and feature enhancements as the client becomes comfortable with the new system and revels at the dramatic improvements.

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