Got Questions? Good! Here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions by our potential clients. If you don't find your answer, just give us a ring (877.803.4213) right away!

1. Do you provide hosting?

We don’t, but we will work closely with our trusted hosting partners and guide you every step of the way to make sure your application runs smoothly, loads quickly, and can handle traffic spikes without downtime.

2. How many wireframes and mockup designs do you provide through your process?

As many as it takes to think through every click and mouse-over your users will make. We make sure each interface and user interaction is carefully considered, so that it makes sense for users the first time around, without having a second thought.

3. What technologies do you develop in?

They are listed on our services page.

4. How do you quote projects, and what are your rates?

We first assess your goals for the project to determine what you’re ultimately looking to accomplish. Depending on the level of planning you’ve taken and how involved you’d like to be, we offer either fixed scope or retainer-based pricing. In either case, we work with you to define the scope of work needed to reach your goals, and arrive at the pricing model and payment terms that make the most sense for you.

5. What happens if I change my mind in the middle of a project?

This happens a lot, don’t worry. When the scope of the project needs to be modified to account for new features or changes, we identify the implications depending on the stage of the project and consult with you on the best approach to take. Your Project Manager will be there to help steer the project in the right direction, and stay course to reach a successful launch without losing precious time and money.

6. What is the timeline for a typical project?

Our projects generally span 3-6 months. We also regularly engage in phased-out, ongoing projects that extend 6+ months.

7. Where are you based?

We have offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Guadalajara.

8. Do you specialize more in design or development?

It’s our philosophy that truly successful web projects cannot be realized without an equally strong focus on design and development. Our team is comprised of top-notch artists and coders who collaborate closely to produce amazing work with high functional performance and vivid, engaging visual experiences.

9. We have finalized designs, and only need development - do you take on projects like this?

Absolutely! When collaborating with a firm that has all of the design work covered already, we first take a step back and ask as many questions as possible to thoroughly understand all of the intended features, functionality, and user workflows indicated in the designs. We then evaluate the best technologies needed for the project, and get to work writing code to bring your designs to life.

10. We have an in-house development team, but we really need front-end UI design and development work - would Freshout be able to work directly with our team?

You bet – our designers and front-end developers will work directly with your team to provide the visual user experience your project needs to shine. We’ve honed the approach needed to work on these highly collaborative projects, and are conscious of all of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

11. The firm we originally hired for our project let us down time and again - can Freshout pick up where they left off to finish out the project?

We’ll certainly do our best, but the truth is that often times it’s more time- and cost-effective to wipe the slate clean with a fresh start than it is to attempt reviving an ailing project. After all, if the firm let you down, it was likely a red flag for more than one reason. Whenever we’re asked to pick up a project where a previous team left off, we always start out with a formal code assessment to determine the current state of the project, and evaluate the best approach moving forward.

12. Do you offer SEO services?

Yes – in fact we believe it’s one of the most import drivers that will make your project succeed when properly implemented and managed. That’s why we consider SEO at every stage of the project. In addition to the content, development and design decisions that are all informed by SEO, we help you define the terms, keywords, and categories that matter the most to your business. We will continuously focus on improving your ranking until you get to the very top of your space.

13. I'm with an agency, and we have a client who needs web development services that we can't currently provide. Do you white-label your services?

We partner with agencies regularly, however we’ve found that the white-label approach often hinders the process. Direct and open communication with all stake holders involved is the best way to have a project succeed and reach its full potential, while broken communication lines can often lead to misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, and upset clients. With that said, we can go into stealth mode when needed, and we’ll sign non-compete agreements so both parties feel comfortable from the outset. Give us a call and let’s see if there’s a good fit.

14. Ok, we’re ready! When can you guys start?

That’s excellent! Please give us a call so we can learn about your project – once we have a clear understanding of the scope of work needed, we can get the ball rolling right away. Our number is 877.803.4213, can’t wait to hear from you!

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