The Story

CrowdVoice is by far one of the most exciting projects that we've had the opportunity of working in 2010. Esra'a from MideastYouth came to us with the concept of aggregating content for different protest activity / causes in Middle East and Africa. What we saw was an opportunity to turn this into a platform for all causes. Luckily, she gave us the freedom to explore the idea and deliver on what we feel as though is a great first version for CrowdVoice. The interface is as simple as it can be, the experience is smooth, and the users can move between interests and content easily within the site.

What we saw was an opportunity
to turn this into a platform for all causes

CrowdVoice identifies each event or cause into a "Voice". A voice can consists of any type of content from all over the web. CrowdVoice takes the content from each webpage and displays it in an easy to digest manner. CrowdVoice has a very unique and simple posting interface that allows anyone to simply post content by just pasting the URL. The service also allows users to post pictures directly from their mobile phones and through email.

The idea that distinguishes CrowdVoice from other "aggregators" is the fact that it is solely focused on a cause relating to an injustice and that it is managed by a community of highly engaged users. It also allow users to easily search, follow and spread the word on specific content or a Voice. Whether you are interested in just browsing or becoming highly engaged in a cause, CrowdVoice is your home-base.

This project was one of the first where we got to truly practice a minimum viable product approach and it worked wonderfully. The project was delivered from start to finish within 3 months. We have planned to open-source the code for the project thanks to Esra'a. We are really looking forward to producing more platforms that spur social change.


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